Sermon Shots

Sermon Shots

Creating short-format videos from your sermons has never been so easy (or affordable)

We help churches create professional looking, short-format video content (we call them Sermon Shots) from your sermons. With no software to download, no added staff or outsourcing needed, you’ll be creating Sermon Shots right way! Ready to go?

Rhetorical Jesus

A daily devotional with a unique twist. Each devotional is centered around a rhetorical question that gets you thinking and comes with a unique image that is great for sharing.

  • Monthly Visitors: 5,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 20,000
  • Email Subscribers: 20,000
  • Facebook: 15,000 fans

Faith In The News

A website that brings you one featured story of the day that is meant to encourage and uplift you in your faith.

  • Monthly Visitors: 165,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 350,000
  • Email Subscribers: 35,000
  • Facebook: 58,000 fans

Daughters of the Creator

A daily Bible verse with a devotional from a woman’s perspective. Each devotional comes with a unique shareable image.

  • Monthly Visitors: 18,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 100,000
  • Email Subscribers: 52,000
  • Facebook: 20,000 fans

Christian Quotes

A website that features a daily Christian quote with an original image perfect for sharing and a devotional.

  • Monthly Visitors: 265,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 500,000
  • Email Subscribers: 68,000
  • Facebook: 3.2 million fans

What Christians Want To Know

What Christians Want To Know is a website designed to be a trusted source on highly searched for Christian topics and questions.

  • Monthly Visitors: 1 million
  • Monthly Page Views: 1.3 million
  • Email Subscribers: 25,000
  • Facebook: 165,000 fans