Starting in 2016, Telling Ministries is planning to support Richard and Melinda Williams in their calling to become full-time missionaries in Wales, United Kingdom. With a monthly donation from Telling Ministries, Richard and Melinda are getting closer to starting their journey to spread the word of God in Wales.
In 2012, God placed a yearning in Richard and Melinda to become missionaries in Wales. They have had a desire placed in their hearts to teach and transform the people of Wales with God’s love. Before the Williams family can begin their calling, Richard and Melinda have to first raise enough funds to live in Wales. After that goal is met, they plan go to Wales and partner with the other missionaries. There they will learn the language and culture while they seek out a spot to plant a church. Lastly, they plan on planting churches that reach all generations and welcomes all with God’s love.

If you feel that God has called you to donate to a missionary, or you have been touched by this video, you can donate to help Richard and Melinda transform Wales with the love of Jesus. If you want to donate, any amount, small or large, will help. Your donation will benefit the journey that God has lead Richard and Melinda, as well as their four children, to seek out in their life’s teaching about the saving grace of Jesus.

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