365 Professionally Designed Images For 2019

Help support Telling Ministries for 2019! This package comes with an image for each day of the year. We even have special images for holidays. Each image has a Bible Verse or Quote and they are perfect for sharing on Social Media, with friends over email, or just for your own personal inspiration.

The cost is a one time $19 fee* and would help support Telling Ministries.

What You Get

365 Images

Each image has a Bible verse or Christian quote

Conveniently organized

We have organized them into folders by month and each image is named for the specific day it is intended for

Special Images for Special Days

Holidays and other special days are accounted for and the Bible verse / quote is specific for that day.

A Message from Our Founder

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Organized by Month & Day

We are Impacting Lives Around the World

Pastor Jack is helping

My name is Muhammad. I live in Qatar. I wanted to know why I was having a dream about Jesus. He stood in a boat and waved to me to come to Him. I looked for dreams and visions on the Internet and found one. Then, I asked [Past Jack from WhatChristiansWantToKnow.com] what this dream of Jesus means. He told me it could be from God and that he is calling me to Jesus. I wanted to believe but had fear, but after knowing why Jesus came, I wanted Him and He is my Savior now. He loves me so I do not practice Islam any more. Now, I want Jesus alone. I know this dream was from Him, so thank you to your website, I know Jesus more and why He called me.


from Qatar

I was near the end of my life. I had been searching for an article about what happens to a Christian if they commit suicide. My life was so full of agony, I could no longer go on, so I decided to end my life, but I was not sure that if I committed suicide, I would still go to heaven. I contacted What Christians Want to Know about this question and the pastor there helped me in so many ways. He showed me how much Jesus suffered and all unjustly, and that our suffering is part of God’s purpose here on earth. I know that I might not be alive today if I had not contacted this man and he still keeps in touch with me, encouraging me when things get bad. I am so grateful for this website and for this pastor who I met through the Contact Us link.


from Colorado

I was stuck in a cult and didn’t even realize it. I read something that made me begin to question some of their practices, so I searched for an article about it and found out that I was right. What this cult was doing was trying to deceive me. I was trying to save myself by works, and that’s why I was always miserable. At times, felt I was not saved. I constantly feared going to hell, but then I read an article about some of the signs of being in a cult (on What Christians Want To Know) and contacted them for follow up. Today I am in a rock-solid church that preaches the true gospel of repentance and faith. Praise the Lord. I am so glad for this website. I was set free from a legalistic church to being free in Christ. Thank you so much for helping me out of this mess!


from Ohio

I am so glad I contacted What Christians Want to Know. It seemed that I was going to hell because I could not get over my addiction to pornography. I was sick to my stomach every time I fell back and watched it and then afterwards, I would feel dirty and feared being sent to hell. I began to think that I could die in my sleep and the last thing I saw was something I was ashamed of. I felt saved one day but the next, lost…saved and lost. I was miserable and even thought of walking away from God. I could not believe He would save me now…but the pastor told me that many have addictions and sins before God that they battle all their lives. He showed me things that I could do to get rid of this evil stuff. Finally, I began to turn away from it all. I still have that urge, but now have a strategy when temptation comes, and I feel more loved by God, and more importantly, accepted by Him. Thank you for making this godly counsel available to us, 24/7. God bless you Jack! Jesus.


from Arkansas

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